Kim Nielsen, Radio Sydhavsoerne, DK

Radio Sydhavsoerne have been using the Radiohost system since 1997 and it is not unusual that the system is broadcasting more than 12 hours non stop. Our experience is that the Radiohost system is very easy to use.
Now we can voice track a program in half the time. We can add speaks and use it live. We can also add sound effects, etc.

Our news reporters are doing their own editing, they don't need a technician anymore.
New DJs learn to voice track before they learn how to broadcast live.
We can change the schedule at any time, if we need to make changes to a preproduced program.
We have better use of our best skilled hosts, as they can preproduce a program whenever their schedule allows it.
It is a great tool for live broadcasting too.
The system is very stable when it comes to commercial booking and music scheduling.

Radio director, Kim Nielsen, Radio Sydhavsoerne, DK