Installation files for previous versions

For your convenience it will still be possible to download some of the previous versions of the Radiohost system.

Installation files for previous version 5/4/3
Data Server v5.405
Broadcast v5.404
Communicator v5.305
Heavy Rotation v5.305
Easy Spot v5.408

Data Server v5.224
Broadcast v5.222
Communicator v5.207
Heavy Rotation v5.212
Easy Spot v5.206

Data Server v5.404 
Broadcast v5.312
Communicator v5.304
Heavy Rotation v5.304
Easy Spot v5.404

Installation files for previous version 4/3
Broadcast V4.008    (7.6 Mb)
Communicator V3.007    (4.5 Mb)
Heavy Rotation V4.004    (2.5 Mb)
Easy Spot V4.006    (4.1 Mb)
Data Server V3.007   (5.2 Mb)

Empty database
Run this utility to remove all data from the database.
Empty database V3.007 (7.7Mb)