How to add a loop-record?

The function 'Loop-record' capture the selected input of the soundcard and send the audio to the selected output in Broadcast. This makes is possible to mix Radiohostfiles with an external audiostream. Loop-Record will cache a short time of the external audiostream before sending it to the output. Audiofiles between two Loop-Recordinstanced must be long enough.

Module versions

What version of a module can I run on a given version of Data Server?

The table shows which module versions can be used on a specific version of Data Server.

Data Server version Broadcast version Communicator version Heavy Rotation version Easy Spot version
3.007 4.008 3.007 4.004 4.006
4.008 4.105 3.016 5.001 4.101
4.009 4.106 3.017 5.002 4.102
4.011 4.106 3.017 5.003 4.102
4.014 4.110 3.019 5.004 4.104
4.016 4.112 3.019 5.004 4.104
5.222 5.209 5.204 5.209 5.202
5.3xx 5.301-5.305 5.301 5.301 5.3xx
5.401 5.306 5.302 5.302 5.401
5.402 5.307-5.311 5.303-5.304 5.303-5.304 5.402-5.403
5.403 5.312 5.304 5.304 5.404
5.404 5.312 5.304 5.304 5.404
5.405 5.404 5.305 5.305 5.408


If your present setup is Data Server v.3.007 and your Broadcast is v.4.008 and your Communicator is v.3.007. You should update Data Server, Broadcast, Communicator, Heavy Roitation and Easy spot to the latest versions.

Playback sound is slow or strange

A driver problem can cause slow, stuttering or other form for strange sound. Radiohost is using the MCI for play back while some other applications, like Winamp is using Direct sound. Therefor you can experience the sound card to be working in some applications and not in other application.

Module codes changes

The codes change every time I try to generate them, is there a problem with my system?
 ANS: No, the codes are meant to change. This is a part of the softwares copy protection.

Which soundcards can I use?

The Radiohost system works with a standard sound card driver known as the MCI wave driver and with any professional soundcard that has an WDM-driver.

Drivers like directsound driver, ASIO driver or EASI driver are not supported.

Many customers have good experience with soundcards from EchoAudio. Since EchoAudio discontinued production of soundcards, you can choose from other professional brands: M-Audio, Marian, Digigram, AudioScience, Lynx, RME-Audio, ...