Durationtime incorrectly displayed

Communicator and Broadcast do not display the durationtime of a song correctly. For example: if you choose a song of 3:33, a durationtime of 7:09 (or 0:00) is displayed. Older versions will play those files, but recent versions don't.

There are two possible causes:

1. Radiohost doesn't support the soundformat. Please, check the manual to check which soundformat is supported. 

2. The soundformat is supported but the audiofile has too many metatags. Remove all mp3-tags (Mp3tag (mp3tag.de) will do the job).


1. In this example, the duration of some audiofiles is displayed incorrectly.

2. Mp3tag shows the presence of some metatags:

3. Delete all mp3-tags

4. The result:

5. The result in Radiohost: